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What Our Clients Say:

"We recently mandated Benoît Marcoux for a marketing assessment of a portfolio company. The diagnostic underlined specific weaknesses but highlighted the real potential of the company, which allow us to attract new investors. We are really impressed with the entire result."


Claude Vachet, Investment Director, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Innovatech du Grand Montréal (Montreal, Canada).

"I was truly impressed by Benoît Marcoux’ ability to quickly assess a complex business situation, not only from software and marketing aspects, but also for the human side of the equation. The customer interviews he conducted allowed us to leverage our strengths. We were able to take a major step in our development and to secure funding from new investors at a crucial time."


Steve Hodges, CEO, ObjectWorld (Ottawa, Canada).

"CBMI can look at a business case from all relevant points of view - finance, technology, operations, marketing, regulatory - and make incisive recommendations to support strategic decision-making."


André LeBel, CEO, SOCAN (Toronto, Canada).

"I turned to Benoît Marcoux' background and expertise in the IP billing and communications space in assisting with an evaluation of a portfolio company's technology prior to a key investment decision. He came through with a critically important outside perspective not just on the technology, but the firm's overall business prospects, in an extremely short period of time."


Brian Boyer, Sr. Vice President, First Analysis Corporation (Chicago, USA).

"At Capital Communications CDPQ, we used CBMI to help assessing companies prior to potential investments. I have been really impressed with the completion speed, the depth of the analyses, the high quality of reports and presentations, and the soundness of the recommendations coming from CBMI."


André De Montigny, currently Vice President, Business Development, Air Transat (Montreal, Canada).

"CBMI adopted a well-rounded approach in assessing investment potentials of a telecom software start-up. Analyses performed provided helpful insights not only from technical points of view but also from sales and marketing perspectives."


Woonki Sung, President and CEO, Korea Infrastructure Fund Management Co., Ltd (Seoul, Korea).

"CBMI added exceptional value to my client. The deal we worked on required re-structuring, and CBMI provided that knowledge to management in a professional manner. A flexible and easy to understand financial model was also completed."


Robert K. Whyte, Vice President, Broadcast Group, Daniels & Associates (New York, USA).

"I worked with CBMI on 3 separate occasions, and I was always impressed with their ability to quickly grasp a business situation and come up with meaningful financial models and insightful recommendations."


Rory Cole, Chief Financial Officer, Dolphin Telecom PLC (London, UK).

"CBMI provided a very professional and objective point of view throughout our entire business strategy process, in addition to having a very hands-on willingness to get involved in all architectural elements of building the actual plan to be executed. Very talented!."


Dennis R. White, Executive Vice President, ebaseOne Corporation (Houston, USA).

"CBMI prepared for me comprehensive financial models that were well aligned with the technological capabilities and the business context. These models allowed for quick analysis of various business and financial scenarios, which really helped set the strategy of the company. These models have become the foundation for ongoing business and financial planning / budgeting activities."


Claude Samson, Vice President, Finance, AMEC (Toronto, Canada).

"In a previous capacity, I engaged CBMI to provide a wide range of advisory services for an early stage, new technology, and integrated telecommunications service provider. In addition to performing an in-depth technology review, CBMI developed highly sophisticated business models and sensitivity analyses that were instrumental in the Company’s strategic and operational planning. In all aspects of its work, CBMI exhibited an exemplary level of professionalism, superior analytical and technical skills, and very sound appreciation of complex business issues."


Gaston Germain, Vice-President, International Development, Cogeco/SNC-Lavalin Broadband International (Toronto, Canada).


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